Quotes and Reviews

Quotes & Reviews

"Thompson articulates all the diverse strands of [Jelly Roll] Morton's jazz tapestry...ragtime, blues and, in a lovely but rhythmically tricky number called "The Crave," what Morton came to call the "Spanish tinge." Thompson added a surprise to the list: Morton's swinging version of "Miserere" from Verdi's "Il Trovatore," partly to show that "hit tunes" from Italian opera were part of the popular music of the day in New Orleans."



  • "...the premier player in traditional jazz today."

    Jazz Journal International
  • "The incomparable jazz piano of Butch Thompson."

    The Wall Street Journal
  • "Butch Thompson gets the soul of the song...fluid and easy, clever and brilliant"

    Boston Globe
  • ". . . Thompson is internationally acclaimed as perhaps the finest interpreter of early jazz piano . . . Over the two hours Thompson performed he ably demonstrated why he deserves such acclaim."

    Offbeat, New Orleans
  • "The music exudes for the listener time, race history and passion. As played by a player with the gifts of Thompson...it rolls you over. When Thompson strolled into the divine "Jelly's Blues" you were lost in the subtlety. Joy and blues made the night."

    Al-Ahram, Cairo
  • "Beguiling piano Americana from an interpreter who knows that Bix was more than an impressionist and Fats was more than a buffoon."

    The Village Voice
  • ". . . a full and powerful left hand as the rhythm section, and a dexterous, agile right hand for solo and harmonic work, Thompson's playing is orchestral itself."

    Muskegon Chronicle
  • "Where an almost superhuman technique is required, Thompson takes no back seat to anyone - even to [Jelly Roll] Morton himself."

    The Minneapolis StarTribune
  • "Mr. Thompson's timing, shading and coloristic runs are idiomatically Jelly Roll — exuberant, free and open..."

    The New York Times